Types of Shower Glass

There are a wide variety of glass options for your shower enclosure, and Green Glass will assist you in understanding and selecting the right glass for your specific project.  From standard, patterned, etched, or protective coatings, there is a glass solution to fit your design and performance requirements. 

Several popular types of shower glass include...


Your shower glass is under constant bombardment from heat, water contaminants, soaps, and various chemicals.  Over time, the surface of your shower glass becomes rough allowing dirt to dig into the glass making the glass grow dull and look dirty despite your best efforts to keep it clean.  ShowerGuard was developed to eliminate this problem. 

During the glass manufacturing process, a protective layer of ShowerGuard is fused to the surface of the glass eliminating the microscopic variations in the surface of the glass.  Unlike spray-on, post production products, ShowerGuard never breaks down and never needs to be reapplied.  That is why ShowerGuard is backed by a robust limited lifetime warranty.   

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Low Iron Glass

Have you ever noticed the edge of a piece of glass has a green hue to it?  That is derived from the amount of iron in the glass itself.  When the level of iron is reduced during the manufacturing process, glass becomes much clearer.  Low iron glass goes by several different trade names, but the result is the same - a premium glass product that has a unique clarity compared to traditional shower glass.  Have a shower or bathroom that is predominantly white in pallet?  Low Iron glass can transform how your shower looks compared to traditional glass. 


Acid Etched Glass

From a completely "frosted" etched panel to various patterned panels, acid etched glass (often referred to as satin etched glass) can provide privacy and add a unique design element to your shower enclosure.


Work with a company that can help you understand and select the appropriate type of shower glass for your project.  Contact Green Glass today for a consultation.

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